a-nceput de ieri să cadă


cîte-un fulg. acum a stat.
noii s-au mai răzbunat
pe cei vechi- ciocoi
fără perechi, tandru
legaţi de pat şi de sistem.
ninge curat iubito
hai să bem!

5 răspunsuri to “a-nceput de ieri să cadă”

  1. anapauper Says:


    Beastie Boys: „Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun”

    I’m rolling down the hill snowballing getting bigger
    An explosion in the chamber the hammer from the trigger
    I seen him get stabbed I watched the blood spill out
    He had more cuts than my man Chuck Chillout
    24 is my age 22 is my gauge
    I’m writing rhymes on a page going off in a rage
    Out on a mission a stolen car mission
    Had a little problem with the transmission
    3 on the tree in the middle of the night
    I have this steak on my head cause I got into a fist fight
    Life comes in phases take the good with the bad
    You bought those coins on the street and you got had
    Because it’s all high spirit you know you gotta hear it
    Don’t touch the mic baby don’t come near it
    It’s gonna get you it’s gonna get you
    It’s gonna get you girl it’s gonna get you

    Looking down the barrel of a gun
    Son of a gun son of a bitch
    Getting paid getting rich

    Ultra violence running through my head
    Fuzzy navel y’all making me see red
    Rapid fire Louie like Rambo got bullets
    I’m a gonna die harder like my kid Bruce Willis
    I love girlies waxing and milking
    Coordinating chics is my man Dave Scilkin
    Predetermined destiny is who I am
    You got your finger on the trigger like the Son of Sam
    I am like Clockwork Orange going off on the town
    I’ve got homeboys bonanza to beat your ass down
    I’m mad at my desk and I’m writing all curse words
    Expressing my aggressions through my schizophrenic verse words
    You’re a headless chicken chasin’ a sucker free basin
    Looking for a fist to put your face in
    Get hip don’t slip knuckle heads
    Racism is schism on the serious tip

  2. dianette Says:

    Sa bem ! 😉
    An nou fericit,,, again and again…

  3. anapauper Says:

    hai mai pe seară:P
    la multe bucurii, dianette!

  4. mihaibiharia Says:

    Ana, de unde e poza, din Kosovo? 🙂

  5. anapauper Says:

    chiar că habar n-am… am luat-o de pe flickr de la o persoană semnată !!!monika!!!

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