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eLiberatica, ziua a doua

31 mai 2008

Bogdan Manolea’s overview, featuring Pambuccian, here.

Adam Jollan, IBM- why invest in open source software? notes here.

A focused overview of eLiberatica first day here.

Shane Martin Coughlan: Strategic implementation of open source software (oss) in business
(free software foundation europe)

– internet levelled the playfield: you can sit here and sell services to china
– it’s not cool to be elitist, to think that oss people are better than other. instead, push the benefits of oss out in the community
– we are all key advocates of oss (users, developers alike)
– oss is mainstream, it is in the center of ict. we do not need to push it anymore.
– by 2010 will contribute by 4% to EU growth
– it is not about source code. it is about freedom to use, study, share and improve technology
– benefits to individual, organizations, society as a whole
– different paradigm from proprietary software
– strategic info about oss- people do not know where to search
– different way of implementing it in a business, but needs same type of business intelligence.
– it is not about adoption, because it is already mainstream. we do not sell adoption anymore, but optimization and professionalization. process management, plan ahead.
– need to move towards measurability. it is a shame that a field based on math and science is sunk in fluff.
– if you missmanage either paradigm (open source or proprietary software), it sux.
– transaction discourses in foss-field: lack of knowledge
– need to contextualise requirements from a legal perspective (about licenses)
– legal project of fsfe: educate people about legal issues. Goal: bring all stakeholders on the same page, on the transaction-way of conceptualising oss.
– we need to professionalize in all fields of ict, especially in foss, where were we are very new
– oss is good not because it is cool, hippie and magic, but because it is the most flexible to study, share and improve. it is like in a good marriage: you need more than love.

Brian King: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
writes codes, articles. consultancy and e-vangelism. 70% paid work, 30% voluntary work
giant: every oss-promoter (individual, group, organization)

why oss-businesses?
1. people work harder on stuff they like
2. standard office enviro very unporductive
3. bottom-up often works bettter than top-down
(Paul Graham: What Businesses can learn from Open Source)

eZ Systems

– crowdsourcing is the new outsourcing.
„The Customer is the Company” (Inc Magazine, 2008)

business software needs:
rapid prototyping
gets the job done

– moving data, contextualizing it
– fit (customize): from scratch, or fix
– organization and structure: good management needed
– transparency

Martin Michlmayr: HP vision – Governing the use of open source

– how to chose, manage, how to make a policy
– 2007 94% of business packages
– 2008: top 3 spending increases
– 2010: 80% of software investments

why not proprietary software?
– procurement :(((

oss: management qs:
how is it acquired, chosen, supported, updated and secured, tracked, licensed? how mature it is?

– oss-strategy: when, what, why do we need it in our company?
– depends on aims and risks. updates needed.

2 HP projects:
– FOSSBazaar: open community to develop and share info related to foss governance best practices
– FOSSology: tool to analyse open source code

– most companies do not MAKE money, but SAVE money by using oss.

letopiseţul aviatic

30 mai 2008

este un motiv de gîlceavă
a înţeleptului cu lumea
sau a lumii cu cel
înţelept, în caz
că este tras
în piept

tatiana lansează culorile verii

30 mai 2008

în sistem de leasing
you got the point?
nope, I have no clue
ce ie ca meaning

trenul intercity

30 mai 2008

baletează lin, ca din senin

καλός καὶ ἀγαθός

29 mai 2008

balerine în iarbă

29 mai 2008

deasupra norilor

28 mai 2008

privirea dezvrăjită
atinge gînd seren
nespus de tot

dansul meu de azi

28 mai 2008

are gustul apei, al pămîntului,
al cercului şi al triunghiului.
fără trapez deocamdată.

noaptea trecută am păcătuit…

27 mai 2008

am mîncat un hamburger
la mcDrive-ul din Braşov.
shake cu vanilie nu aveau.

zoomzetul mascotei

27 mai 2008