natalie swan portman


she used to swan over and over again. the weather turned windy and snowy. lakes froze. fridges elapsed a consumerist paradise fallen from the conspirators’ flat tv screen. hey, natalie, are you done with your homework? oh no, not homework again… portman, apport! the robot wrote:

the darkest moments of life
should be spiced with the
bitterest chocolate


26 Răspunsuri to “natalie swan portman”

  1. Zazuza Says:

    bitter chocolate is for sexy moments, I believe. the robot is so wrong. but what do robots know? were they endowed with the gift of taste on their metal tongues? they only dream of sweet and bitter, and sour or spicy. and remember, a robot’s dreams are always pure fantasy.

  2. Cris Says:

    Ador ciocolatata amara, deci va fi din ce in ce mai usor! 😀

  3. Mihai Bota Says:

    lebada?! eu o vad in pat cu aston kutcher. 😉

  4. teo Says:

  5. toscana Says:

    saraca lebadusa,a cam ramas fara aripioare 😦

  6. Condeera Says:

    When Marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me swan… like the lazy ocean loves the shore, hold me close, swan me more…

  7. ggl Says:

    Merci că mi-ai adus aminte de ciocolata amăruie din dulapul din bucătărie.

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